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At all times during the construction activities on� a Cobble Creek Homesite, the owner of the homesite� (the Owner) shall be responsible for ensuring that the following rules and regulations are followed and adhered to by the Owner�s contractors or subcontractors:


1.)      The Owner shall ensure that a dumpster is located on its construction site.� Thus requirement shall mean that if an Owner is construction multiple lots that are farther away the two lots from each other, each construction site shall have its own dumpster.� The dumpster must be in place at the onset of framing and may only be removed after the home is complete.


2.)      Each dumpster shall be covered with a hard cover or a tarp sufficient to keep trash or debris from falling out of, or being blown from, the dumpster.� The dumpster shall be covered each evening and/or when not in use.� Each dumpster shall be empties when full.� The dumpster shall be deemed full if the general level of trash extends beyond the top of the sides of the dumpster.


3.)      All construction trash or debris that is subject to being blown to adjacent property shall not be stored on the building site outside the home and shall be immediately placed in dumpsters.


4.)      The Owner shall ensure that work takes place between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.�� However, after the home is fully enclosed (windows and doors installed), work may take place outside the stated hours; provided that noise generated from the work site cannot be heard by occupant of adjacent or nearby homes.� Further, the Owner shall ensure radio music or other non-construction related sounds are not audible from adjacent of nearby homes.�


5.)      All trash burning shall be undertaken only after receipt of a burning permit from the City of Montrose Fire Department.�


6.)      All excavated materials shall either be retained within the lot boundaries for later backfilling or site grading or removed from the premises.� Under no circumstances shall spoilage be spread or placed on common area or adjacent lots without the written consent of the adjacent land owner.


7.)      The Owner shall be responsible for ensuring that it�s contractor maintains the construction site in a reasonably clean condition and keeps construction materials and/or or debris from being placed on, or migrating to, other lots or the common area.� �Loose materials (food wrappings, beverage cans, etc.) shall be placed in the dumpster immediately after use.


8.)      The Owner shall instruct its contractor that it must use every reasonable effort to keep mud and other debris off the street of within Cobble Creek.� In the event that gravel, concreter residue, excavated material, mud or other debris migrates to the street in front of or adjacent to a construction site, it shall be immediately removed by the contractor.� Reasonable effort to keep mud off the streets shall include not entering a muddy site with a vehicle.� If there is no construction alternative to entering a muddy site with a vehicle, the contractor shall remove mud form the wheels while in front of the property (returning the mud to the site) prior to driving down the street.


9.)      No paint thinner, grout water or similar material shall be disposed of in the Cobble Creek sewer system.� In the event the contractor employed by the Owner shall violate this provision, the Owner may be liable to repair its force main pump at its cost and expense.


10.)   It shall be the Owners responsibility to ensure that the contractor installing the force main pump for the home shall be a contractor approved by the City of Montrose Public Works Department.


11.)   A trash control maintenance fee of $200 shall be remitted to the Cobble Creek H.O.A. prior to the commencement of construction.


12.)   The Owner shall encourage its contractors and/or subcontractors not to bring their dogs or pets to the construction site.�� If the contractor has no alternative, then the Owner shall ensure that the contractor�s dogs and pets shall be retained in the contractor�s vehicle or are otherwise not allowed to run loose at the construction site.� Notice is hereby provided that unrestrained dogs will be reported to the Montrose Animal Control for immediate pick up.


13.)   The Owner shall ensure that it�s contractors remove all their vehicles from the street at the end of the business day.� Construction sites shall not be used for construction vehicle parking on an over night basis.�� Except for temporary unloading or loading purposed, construction materials shall not be stored on any public street.


The Owner and Contractor hereby acknowledge that uncorrected violations after notice (or repeat violations without notice) of the Cobble Creek Construction Rules and Regulations as outlined herein may subject the Owner to fines up to $1,000.� �The Owner is encouraged to insert provisions in the contract with its contractor requiring the contractor to reimburse the Owner for fines resulting from contract violations.


The Owner and Contactor hereby acknowledges receipt and understanding of these regulations and hereby agrees to abide be said regulations.


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