Hole by Hole


Hole 1


Tee Yardage
Pro 346
Back 328
Middle 288
Forward 272
Silver 192

Hole 1 is a short par 4, slight dogleg left.

Hole 2


Tee Yardage
Pro 523
Back 495
Middle 452
Forward 414
Silver 268

A true “Scottish Link” par 5. Don’t let the 523 yards fool you! A large undulating green surrounded by bunkers with the San Juans in the background. Pin placement on the rolling green can make this hole a bear.

Hole 3


Tee Yardage
Pro 209
Back 155
Middle 148
Forward 115
Silver 115

Hole 3 is a 209-yard par 3. Slightly uphill with a large undulating green. Again, par is a great score.

Hole 4


Tee Yardage
Pro 373
Back 349
Middle 321
Forward 301
Silver 155

Cobble Creek’s signature hole. A short par 4 with lakes on both sides of the large fairway.

Hole 5


Tee Yardage
Pro 190
Back 164
Middle 141
Forward 110
Silver 110

Hole 5, a par 3 into a horseshoe-shaped green with a bunker in the middle.

Hole 6


Tee Yardage
Pro 608
Back 581
Middle 527
Forward 489
Silver 271

Hole 6 is another monster par 5. A huge tee shot to a large landing area will allow for an aggressive lay-up. Be careful of the lake and creek to the left of the fairway on your lay-up. A large green requires an accurate approach to the green.

Hole 7


Tee Yardage
Pro 191
Back 160
Middle 140
Forward 123
Silver 123

The third par 3 on the back nine.

Hole 8


Tee Yardage
Pro 424
Back 398
Middle 368
Forward 337
Silver 174

Hole 8, a 424 yard par 4. A big tee shot will allow for a mid to short iron (depending on pin placement) to a very long green. Native grass borders the entire fairway. Keeping the ball in the short grass is a must on the hole.

Hole 9


Tee Yardage
Pro 556
Back 525
Middle 465
Forward 439
Silver 273

The third par 5 has been lengthened to 556 yards. This hole has four lakes requiring the player to be both accurate and long. No bunkers, but plenty of chances to get wet.

Hole 10


Tee Yardage
Pro 402
Back 374
Middle 348
Forward 320
Silver 206

Cobble Creek runs the length of this hole on the left side. Out of bounds right. This par 4 should be an easy par once you get around the green.

Hole 11


Tee Yardage
Pro 221
Back 175
Middle 124
Forward 100
Silver 100

Hole 11 is a beautiful par 3. It measures 221 yards with a lake on the left, and OB on the right.

Hole 12


Tee Yardage
Pro 495
Back 438
Middle 412
Forward 342
Silver 226

Hole 12 is our longest par 4, measuring a whopping 495 yards. There are no bunkers and it does have a very generous landing area. Par is an excellent score.

Hole 13


Tee Yardage
Pro 609
Back 548
Middle 516
Forward 542
Silver 254

Hole 13 is a demanding par 5. Newly constructed tee boxes have made this hole play 621 yards.

Hole 14


Tee Yardage
Pro 449
Back 401
Middle 359
Forward 300
Silver 179

Hole 14 is a par 4 with another new tee box measuring 439 yards. A tee shot with driver or 3 wood aimed at the right green side bunkers will leave you a mid to short iron to a large green.

Hole 15


Tee Yardage
Pro 276
Back 264
Middle 249
Forward 218
Silver 143

Hole 15 is our shortest par 4. It is a true “risk/reward” golf hole. Measuring 276 yards an aggressive play would be a driver or wood.

Hole 16


Tee Yardage
Pro 504
Back 487
Middle 457
Forward 423
Silver 262

Hole 16 is a short and beautiful par 5. A solid tee shot will put the player in the middle of the fairway with either a long iron or fairway wood to a fairly large green.

Hole 17


Tee Yardage
Pro 201
Back 182
Middle 155
Forward 130
Silver 130

Hole 17 is our second par 3. Water right of the green and bunkers left.

Hole 18


Tee Yardage
Pro 403
Back 371
Middle 327
Forward 292
Silver 199

Cobble Creek runs the length of this hole on the left side. Out of bounds right. This par 4 should be an easy par once you get around the green.